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Top 15 summer fashion trends in 2020

Top 15 summer fashion trends in 2020

  • Anu Kannan

How to style trendy apparel?

Surprisingly or not summer has caught us unprepared for the summer fashion trends this year. Due to the pandemic many of us stopped paying attention to their appearance and felt comfortable in their home clothes stuck indoors.     

Believe it or not some of the fashion trends combine comfy sets of apparel that look as if you put an effort. This way you can jump in your outfit and be right on track to catch up with your friends!

Top 15 summer fashion trends this year

  1. Some people stay at home but some venture to go out. No matter what stage you are in, joggers are the best way to feel comfy and stylish at the same time. You can choose from many colors and styles –camo version or pink. They are made of soft material, so it is worth to give them a try. If you combine the right top and shoes to the joggers, you will definitely look stylish.
  1. Baggy dress pants. You can wear them with heels and boots. The stylish look tempts you to try it with the trendy white sport shoes, which give the idea of a casual occasion but wearing them with official apparel highlights smart and elegant look. 
  1. High-waist pair of jeans or high legged jeans, inspired by the seventies and by the eighties. They are a good fit for a cropped top. They can be corduroy, jeans or cotton pants depending on your preferences. Mostly paired with a bandeau, T-shirt or shirt, anything cropped even a white loose fitting button up shirt would look very nice. White legged jeans instantly elevate your whole appearance, making you look more sophisticated and expensive in a way.
  2. Bandeaus with high waist and high legged pants. With ribbons to tie on the side or just plain ones – they are perfect for the beach!
  3. Tubed top is such a fresh summer look. You can throw on a blazer, a cardigan and still incorporate the trend. It can be worn with trousers, skirts, baggy pants and literally anything you might want to wear for an official occasion.
  4. Cropped knit cardigans. They are so necessary for the chilly mornings and breezy summer nights.
  5. Two piece lounge wear sets! Knitted, light weight or sweatshirt type of material, this trend was born out of necessity. It still looks like you are making an effort, because unlike PJ-s it perfectly contours your body, but is comfy and stretchy.
  6. Dresses with edgy footwear. Summer is the time to wear floral dresses, or feminine girly pieces. A huge trend right now is to pair your dresses (for example floral dress with children ties) with edgier or sporty footwear (for example Doc Martens shoes).
  1. Bocho chic pieces.
    A nice dressy option is the beautiful flowy dress with comfortable, bralette top. Casual and for official occasionsa bocho chic blouse is a more casual easy option to wear and look bocho (for instance wide comfy patterned astonishing blouse with low back). Nothing is finished without the accessories, not even the bocho chic style! Some of the beauty products for this purpose you can find either in the local store or in online shopping sites(for a trendy look we suggest that you slick back your hair in a ponytail and wear big gold hooks. Some of the slip hair ties you might love to use are made of silk for easier removal).
  1. Strawbags and belt bags.
    They can be seen in many designs so you can choose your own style. Small or big ones, long or short stripes, it is up to you and your needs! The small straw and belt bags are inexpensive and affordable. This option is a good way to emphasize your apparel and shine in your own way. You can buy a hand free one, hanging in front of you or on your side, giving an easy access to your belongings right when you need them. You can also use the basket weave belt bag too, if you have heavier stuff to carry with you. Other fashionable designs include baguette bags and nylon mini-bags with gold chains.
  1. Square top shoes and sandals.They are on trend right now with these square top front and basket weave designs. Equipped with chunk low heel, they are very comfy and wearable. The Square toe sandalsnot only give us absolute ’90s vibes but they are summer’s biggest shoe trends for 2020. The slanted square toe shape of the shoe gives the idea of a diplomatic personality. Wearing square toe sandals is a bold decision which only independent women can take. Flip flops in square toe shape are very comfy and trendy. These are the shoes to live in for the summer!Other trendy shoes to pair anything with are the white sneakers. The platform is not very high, so they are a good fit with joggers for a stylish and modern look. Trendy products always give you the sense of well-being. Everyone should have and wear at least one fashion piece of item which changes the outfit completely in a modern way.
  1. Pastels and pastel dresses.Dresses of soft tissues which are not very short can be worn with bike shorts under for having a sense of security. This style can be paired with high white socks and a pair of white sneakers
  2. Tie-dye. If you are bored and jobless during the pandemic, you can have a lot of fun tie dying your t-shirts, pants, head bands, and basically everything you want to change the color of. However if you are not a fan of experiments there are tie dyes available in the malls and online shopping sites. They can be found in top and bottom sets, sweatshirts, trousers, jackets and skirts. Tie-dye is a huge trend from this spring to the summer.
  3. Draw strings. These elements can be seen in a lot of tops and skirts this summer. Basically any piece that has a rouge detail or draw string detail either on the side or the front is considered as part of the trend. However it is not recommended to wear drawstrings on the bottom if you have them on the top.
  4. Cut-out designs. Whether it is your top or bottom apparel, you might feel creative and snip away some parts of it.

Feel free to experiment with these style suggestions and we would be glad if theymake you feel unique and happy for an energizing summer !!